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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Welcome To Media Competition

I'm pleased to announce that a new paper has been launched locally. Apparently it started up a while ago, but nobody noticed at the time. The Hockney Post will bring a touch of class to our little cultural desert in the East End, as well as providing some useful competition to the encumbent scribblers, the Hackney Groveller and the Hackney Toady. Welcome to the Borough!
"You'll be able to cash giro cheques in Milton Keynes"


Anonymous said...

Why would an intelligent, cultured, arts-focused cyber-magazine write about Sir Julian Pipeshaft? I don't understand.

Anonymous said...

Is putting your limp hand on a Postbox a new cottaging sign?

Anonymous said...

"london Fields Toilet User writes ...

Is putting your limp hand on a Postbox a new cottaging sign?"

The Postbox is red. Pipeshaft is in the picture. Enough said!

Anonymous said...

At least one of those post offices isn't in Hackney. Do you think Jules is a secret Lib Dem?

Luke Akehurst said...

We're tough, we are. We can close post offices in other Boroughs.

Clear Hardly said...

Luke - your caption of the Hackney Pist photo is a little unfair. Julian is a great writer of letters. In fact, if it weren't for Julian's letters, we'd all be drowning in something much less fragrant. Fortuntely in Hackney's Gillett Square, thanks to Julian, we have a whole team of artists making paper boats to keep us afloat.

Anonymous said...

I still think the headline should have read "Mayor actually leaves [his] office"

Anonymous said...

Sir Julian does write a huge numbers of letters. Absolutely everyone in my street got one from him last May. I've treasured mine and looking back now you realise just how imaginative Julian really is. And I can tell you the Gillett Square artists used actual early drafts of Julian's letters- not socalled print overuns - to make the boats. One was even a full scale model of the Titanic – Julian’s that prolific. But I thought it was a bit of a own goal when he eventually sent the Council's Water Features Unit in to hose down all the artists saying they were just littering the place up.

Anonymous said...

I'm insulted now. I never got a letter from him. Can't imagine why...

Thinking about it, i suspect it was because when his candidate canvassed me, i told him i'd vote for him if he voted for me... i have it on good authority that i was the only person in my road who got canvassed - maybe that's why i didn't get a letter?