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Monday, April 28, 2008

A Night On The Tiles

Alix and Emily - perfect company for a great night out
Alix Mortimer and Emily Maitlis
Unlike most politicos who will be at the election counts on Thursday night, I've got the night off as we count during the London Mayoral election during the day on Friday. So, don't tell Linda, but I've arranged a double date for the evening with my mate Iain and a couple of gorgeous women - 29-year-old brunette freelance writer and researcher Alix for me and 37-year-old blonde TV presenter for Iain (well, he is a lot older than me, after all). Apparently, Emily has to show her face at work, so we'll all have to turn up there later on. Obviously Iain and I are just the dates, so we're not expected to appear in front of camera, but you never know what might happen with the Beeb.

In fact, I can just see it now:
Introducing Luke and Iain - the BBC's handsome, intelligent and witty political pundits - who will guide you through the evening by:
  • acting as an alternative results service while David Dimbleby pops out for a quick snorter;
  • describing what's going on a round the country - atmosphere at the counts, rumours, gossip, colour - they'll make it all up!
  • talking about the reaction to what they're writing on their blogs - except of course for the hundreds of rude comments!
  • drawing attention to eye-catching political blogs (except LibDem ones).
Iain and Luke - the Pinky & Perky of political blogging
Two strikingly handsome men
If anyone has any thoughts about where we could take Alix and Emily for the evening for a good time - not too far from City Hall because that's where we need to be later in the night - do drop me a message at The same applies if you have any good gossip you think should get wider attention via our blogs.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Phwoar! What a cracker! And that Iain Dale isn't bad looking, either.