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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Just To Make You All Jealous!

Piccies of the village, the Plaza Almijara, our apartment and pool, Linda and me going up the track in a 4x4 to set off for a nice walk... and Cómpeta from the mountain in the evening and after sunset.

Hope you are all having a great time in Hackney!

I haven't been able to get onto any other websites today to see what's going on, so I hope that left-wing moron of an impersonator hasn't been droning on about Prescott, nuclear weapons, Lenin or Trotsky or something like that. It's the kind of thing these idiots obsess about when they haven't got proper lives, with apartments in Andalucia and fresh mountain air to breathe, and they have to rot in Hackney on hot days amongst the zombies and the loonies.


Anonymous said...

I don't get all this stuff about Andalucia and former Planning Subcommittee members. There must be an in-joke here that is going over my head. Can someone please explain?

Anonymous said...

Maybe Linda will let you publish details (unattributable, of course) of the Brown Paper Envelope Ready Reckoner, to help Pat Kelly out, eh Luke?

Luke Akehurst said...

Now you are being very naughty.

You know perfectly well that there are no brown envelopes associated with planning decisions in Hackney and the various mass clean-outs of planning staff over the years have absolutely nothing to do with corruption either. Nor is there any truth in the ridiculous allegation that The Planning Inspectorate in Bristol employs one person specifically to deal with appeals from people in Hackney who have failed to operate their ready reckoners correctly and thus been denied planning permission.

Pat - the Ready Reckoner is a mythical guide to exactly how much cash or holiday home benefits equate to given levels of planning permission. It's an expression that has been used elsewhere but of course has never applied to anyone in Hackney.

If this sort of thing really happened rather than just being a ridiculous and libellous urban myth you'd find officers and members sunning themselves all over the Algarve and the Costa del Sol, wouldn't you?

Personally I've never been to either place. Linda and I usually holiday in Tuscany or Puglia, not Portugal or Spain.