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Friday, August 11, 2006

Another Triumph for Spin

The 2005 Labour Party 'Fun Run'Yesterday's by-election in Turkey Street Ward, Enfield (makes you wonder whether they vote for Xmas!) gives an excellent opportunity for me to spin some political yarn.

If I stress that the ward has been Tory since 2002, lies in a key marginal parliamentary seat and was held with a majority of just 3 votes it will probably sound to the turkeys out there as if New Labour is doing really well.

All I need to do is neglect to mention that the Tories made themselves unpopular in forcing this by-election just two months after the full elections by having the incumbent stand down in order to "give" the seat to former Cabinet member Matthew Laban, who lost his Chase Ward seat to the "Save Chase Farm" campaign.

What I must be careful not to mention is that the resigning councillor, Margaret Holt, has gone off to live in Spain. Ssshhhh...don't mention apartments in Cómpeta. The very thought that the Tory Party Brown Paper Envelope Ready Reckoner might contain the same entry as the Labour Party Brown Paper Envelope Ready Reckoner fills me with horror!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This gives me a great money-making idea for the council. Why not sell off Hackney's parks to Bernard Matthews? The residents of yuppie towers are already used to looking down from their balconeys on the turkeys below - this way they could look at the real thing!