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Sunday, May 04, 2008

I'm On Holiday

Giving my stomach a good airingOh, f**k it. It's Bank Holiday weekend and after last week's humiliation I simply cannot get round to writing anything without feeling sick. I expect my doppelgänger will manage to be his usual perky self (as opposed to his usual pinky self - couldn't resist a little Iain Dale joke there) and write endless columns of mindless rubbish.

If I know him - and I ought to by now - he'll post about how the whole Party except for me is going down the wrong path, how Labour will never get back into power until Compass is squashed, how some Cabinet Ministers are grinning through gritted teeth and others plotting a coup and how the election really wasn't as bad as people are making out. He might even write something about the NEC, the Australian Labor Party or what Boris will do about Ken's Venezuelan oil deal. And one thing's for sure. He's bound to generate endless f**king lists of constituencies where the vote held up or swung Labour's way in places nobody has ever heard of. As for me - I'm enjoying the sun while it's here. You never know what might happen if Gordon Brown goes outside and looks upwards.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see that although your balls have swollen a lot since your TV appearance, they are still in party colours.

Anonymous said...

Your not by any chance sunning yourself in Burma are you? Checking up on the WMD's you helped flog?


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