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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Taking The Piss

The old nag doesn't shift very fast - and nor does the horseI don't mind a bit of internet mickey-taking at my expense, but when the fake Luke Akehurst seizes the opportunity to visit little old Stalinist CLP members while I'm away in Andalucía and have rows with them while pretending to be me, then things are going a bit too far. As soon as word reached the village I borrowed a horse from the barman and trotted off to the comisaría de policías to ask them to go round to Aden Grove and arrest the bastard. Unfortunately, the phone lines weren't very good so I'm not sure that they understood what I was saying. I do hope Bert and Greta are OK and they weren't taken to Stoke Newington police station by mistake. Their voluntary contribution of hours and hours of work over the years has kept our CLP functioning through thick and thin and it would be a shame to have them nicked for no good reason.


Anonymous said...

To think that the stalwart of Hackney CLP, is the same Greta Karpin who thinks that the Hassidic Jews of Stamford Hill are all 'inbred'. I can't possibly comment on line the other choice phrases this comrade uses for other communities in Hackney. Thats why she is dearly loved and has kept Hackney Labour Party going! We're all united in our contempt for the people of Hackney..

Luke Akehurst said...

I don't know here very well, but she seems such a nice dear sweet little old lady. If this really happened, I'm sure it must have been before my time.