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Monday, May 11, 2009

Expenses Crisis - Minister Steps In

"Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?" pandemic sweeps Westminster


Radio4Listener said...

"...after which I can appear on the Today programme to protest my innocence, offer a cheque to repay the capital gains tax, get onto my knees and beg the voters of Salford not to take away the pig trough at the next election..."

Bezel La Rash (a nag) said...

"Flippin' heck! I wonder if I can buy one of these under the Rules?"

Honest John said...

Can't wait for Hackney Council to release all the juicy details on the councillors expenses

Luke Akehurst said...


they are already published here:$

Bezel La Rash (a nag) said...

Thanks Luke for the link - hope you are feeling better. I think I'll have to get a position in Hackney next because, according to your document, the person in Hackney charged with overall responsibility for expenses carries the name Gifty Edila which is an anagram of Gift Day ... Lie!Dontchajustloveit?

On that subject, when do we get to see the fictional account of what was spent on the jolly to Beijing?