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Saturday, December 25, 1993

It All Began Here

So, I'm 21 years old and stepping out into the big wide world of politics after getting my politics degree from Bristol Uni this summer. It was great at Bristol, mingling with people just like me (only obviously not as smart or good looking).

You'd get a completely wrong idea of the place if you read the scurrilous left-wing press articles like this nonsense published in The Observer 10 years later.

Hurrah for Rag WeekSo what's wrong with a good pipe and a glass of port (except for the associations with that ghastly man Wilson who once sat tatty trade unionists and their sandwiches on the hallowed chairs of Number 10)?

"Hurrah for Tarquin!", I shout. I must join his Barney's Club. I think I'll write to Tony Blair encouraging him to send Euan to Bristol, once he's replaced that boring Smith man as Labour leader.

It's early on the morning of December 25th and someone very important was born today. I'll leave you to work out who that was. Meanwhile I think I'll go and see if I can find where they've hidden my presents.

1 comment:

Mandeville De Courcey Featherstonehaugh said...

Oi you bastard - you still owe me ten quid you borrowed one night in the Uni bar. When are you going to pay it back you tight fisted sod?