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Friday, June 16, 2006

Logo Pogo

Nike using the Hackney logo, under an earlier paid contract
Looks like we've poked ourselves in the eye on this one.

The riff-raff websites are all full of stuff about us being hyprocrites for threatening to sue Nike for nicking our logo while we were busy nicking the logo of the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society.

Our version of the National Rheumatoid Arthritis Society logoI told Pipey to keep schtum about this one, but he would have to open his gaper and make a fuss. Poor old Mikey is in for a shock when he gets the reports back from his legal team. It seems that Nike is likely to argue that appropriate use of the logo was included in the deal for the Zoneparcs project to support playground sports activities targeted at the most deprived and socially excluded kids in London.

Balls to HackneyApparently they offered a sack of wonga to Mad Max back in 2002 but he was scared of getting his fingers burnt so he refused to touch it and insisted it went to Nicky over at Tender Loving Care. I must ask Pipey to get together with Nicky to sort out where the cash went to and try to dig up the contracts (if there ever were any).

Maybe the whole business is just some horrible nightmare I've been having. That's it, Linda, I've been having a nightmare.

None of this is true. Thank God for that. Do you fancy a stroll in Clissold Park this morning before work?


Anonymous said...

For a clearer depiction of Hackney's theft of NRAS's Support Network logo, check out:$3094


You get my vote, anyday!

Zorro said...

At last, someone prepared to reveal the truth about the Hackney logo scandal. Everyone else from Ghengis Khan to Pol Pot seems to think Hackney is the innocent party on this one, but I agree with you that someone in TLC pocketed money for this deal before the Olympics were announced and now the puffed-up Pipe has secured a massive majority he thinks he can ignore deals done by Caller and get more money for the Council. Why doesn't he just increase the parking fines or one of the other stealth taxes on Hackney residents? It would be a damned site easier than trying to screw money out of Nike with their army of lawyers.

kris said...

Oh my GOD! Whoever you are- you have just made my day! Poor little Luke...Uncle Roy approves!