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Friday, July 07, 2006

He Who Lives By The Sword...
(Or: As Ye Sow Wild Oats, So Shall Ye Reap)

A fourth shag and a bit of a dance could be fancied
John welcomes Kylie
Minogue to Shoreditch
Further to my earlier piece on the demise of Two Jags (aka. Two Jabs, aka. Three Shags), I'm afraid it pains me yet again to be reminded by that failed Tory candidate Iain Dale in his grotty little blog Iain Dale's Diary of Prezza’s glorious attack on Conservative Party morals at the 1996 Labour conference.

Referring to the reported antics of of former transport minister Steven Norris, Prezza said:

"They are up to their necks in sleaze. The best slogan he could think up for their conference next week is Life's better under the Tories. Sounds to me like one of Steven Norris's chat up lines. Can you believe that this lot is in charge? Not for long, eh? Then after 17 years of this Tory government, they have the audacity to talk about morality.

"Did you hear John Major on the Today programme? - calling for ethics to come back into the political debate? I'm told some Tory MPs think ethics is a county near Middlesex. It's a bit hard to take: John Major - ethics man. The Tories have redefined unemployment they have redefined poverty. Now they want to redefine morality. For too many Tories, morality means not getting caught. Morality is measured in more than just money. It's about right and wrong. We are a party of principle. We will earn the trust of the British people. We've had enough lies. Enough sleaze."

What a shame the paparazzi focus on Prezza all the time and never come to Hackney to shoot pictures of our mayor and the other morally upstanding members of our Hackney Labour team.

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