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Friday, July 14, 2006

How VERY Dare She!

It's outrageous that the "Chairman" (now there's a laugh) of The Countryside Alliance should come trotting over London Bridge to interfere with our wonderful Clissold Leisure Centre project. Despite Julian's firm commitment to reopen the swimming pool in September, April, June and November, the Fox-Hunter General sees fit to poke her nose into our affairs and table a question in the House.

No one is trying to silence you Kate - just to get you to accept basic standards of territorial accountability that even the most junior backbench MP signs up to. Your job is to ask questions about the Oval cricket ground and New Covent Garden.

The wider electorate of Hackney put their crosses next to the names of the steady but reliable Diane Portillo and Herbert Morrison at the last parliamentary election - they didn't express a preference for a horse-riding, gun-toting football coach from the other side of the Rio Grande.
Tally ho, off to Vauxhall we go
Brian Ferry, MP

We've got two MPs in Hackney who are perfectly capable of asking questions about Clissold Leisure Centre every now and again, and even if they don't, that's no excuse for you to tread on their bunions.


Anonymous said...

Don't wind Kate up, Luke. She was at University at the same time as several of your favourite Labour government friends and she knows a few things about them from her NUS days.

Anonymous said...

Blimey! Explains why the stupid cow has clung on so long despite having the charm and intellect of a...

Anonymous said...

Kate entered NUS at the time Jack Straw was President and I believe had left by the time Charles Clarke took on the role.

She put up an admirable fight against the Stalinists, who ran the union through a combination of vote rigging, political patronage and power blocks formed amongst the prestige universities. Kate was from the smaller colleges (Ulster College and City of London) who had little or no voice in those days.

Kate may be many things, but she is certainly not a stupid cow nor lacking in intellect. You may find her to be lacking in charm, but then perhaps football coaches are not your cup of tea and perhaps you are of an incompatible orientation anyway.