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Monday, July 24, 2006

Lebanon - It's A Catastrophe

What is occurring at present in Lebanon is nothing short of a catastrophe. The military engagement is damaging that country and its fragile democracy. I very much hope that a plan will be announced within the next few days to bring about an immediate end to the fighting in Lebanon, with a proposal hammered out including a ceasefire on both sides, a release of kidnapped Israeli soldiers and an international force deployed in southern Lebanon along the border with Israel.

It was just an unavoidable aiming mistake
Slaughter and destruction - not "in my name"
I understand that over the past few days there have been enormous diplomatic efforts involving the government to get us to the point where I hope the Prime Minister will be able to announce a peace plan within the next few days.

Implementation of this plan will bring about an immediate cessation of hostilities and put in place a mechanism that will allow greater stability in the region. I want to see the killing on both sides stop and a workable plan put in place. Who could possibly watch the pictures of innocent civilians being killed without wanting this to stop now?

I know that Tony Blair is deploying every possible diplomatic political effort to make sure this happens as swiftly as possible. Meanwhile, Zionist lobbyists, Christian fundamentalists and right-wing extremists have continued to press for the UK and USA to stand firm behind Israel, regardless of world opinion. These people argue that if the Israeli Defence Force presses ahead to destroy Hezbollah and everyone in Lebanon who supports and protects Hezbollah, they will have struck a blow for the whole democratic world, not just Israel.

How could any right minded person possibly say that they are content for that to be done "in my name"? After watching Tony's forthright and statesman-like comments on tonight's news, I utterly condemn anyone who could say such an outrageous thing.

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