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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Labour Party Debt - Can You Help?

Local activists raise Party funds on the streetAs a result of the "loans for peerages" affair, several mega-rich Labour Party supporters have withdrawn their financial support and as a result the Party is having to restructure, sell off properties and make many staff redundant to reduce the £27m debt.

I intend to spearhead the efforts to dig the Party out of this mess. Options I have considered include: (a) raise 50p from each man, woman and child in Britain, (b) raise £200 from every registered voter in Hackney, (c) raise £10,143 from everyone who has surfed my blogsite (£30,000 if re-visits discounted).

On reflection, I decided to make up with Hamdy Shahein in the corner newsagent and he has kindly installed a collection box by the till (I did tell a bit of a porky, though, and label the box "Stop The War Coalition"). Please visit the shop and give whatever you can afford. Do give generously, or I may be forced to send Jed Augustus out into Stoke Newington High Street with my briefcase and accordian.


Anonymous said...

What's with sending Jed Augustus out? I thought you were NuLabour's rent boy!

Molly Grungewald said...

I've put a cheque for £10,143 in the post.