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Friday, August 18, 2006

N16 In Cork

This article by a Stoke Newington resident who was in Cork earlier this summer It's two hundred and... sums up everything that's uniquely crappy about Hackney Council and what that means in a borough that looks increasingly like it is sliding into apathy.

Author "Quink", who recently fled abroad to Ireland for a sanity break, reports "Oh, alright: I've lost count of the exact number of days. But about eight months ago I wrote a letter to the planning department at Hackney Council and, as yet, I've not heard a whisper out of them. But could there, even at this late stage, be reason to keep up hope? It appears so. Cllr Luke Akehurst has taken up the case and has agreed to "extract a reply from Officers". I'll let you know what happens next."

I was meticulously careful in drafting my letter to this punter, unlike Julian who recently wrote to another Hackney resident, referring to my fellow councillor and part-time differently-abled nun as "Cllr Sally Mulready, out [sic] Cabinet Adviser for Equalities".

I'm not sure Quink entirely believes in my ability to resolve the issue, however. His profile reads: "Stupid enough to live in Hackney, I console myself by appreciating the nutcases I meet every day."

I hope I am wrong and that sentiment does not apply to me, but I fear I may be right.

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