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Saturday, September 23, 2006

The End Is Nigh... But The Weather's Nice Here

Wear your t-shirt in Manchester with pride... and freeze to deathSorry about the break but I haven't mastered the art of mobile blogging yet. I must ask some of the geeks here in the Bloggers4Labour wigwam how to do it.

As you've guessed by now, I've got myself out of Hackney at last - hip, hip, hooray! - and up to G-MEX in sunny Mancunia to meet some of my favourite student subscribers and some old drinking mates in the Party.

Things are not looking too brilliant in the newspapers today - The Guardian: This is a terrible plight for Gordon Brown and Labour, The Telegraph: Disunity and sleaze will be the death of Labour, The Mirror: Labour blow in two polls, Bloomberg: Cameron Leads Brown in Poll, The Scotsman: Labour 'does not deserve re-election' and many others. But what the hell. What do they know? Tony will make another brilliant speech, the crowds will rise to standing applause, the polls will reverse and we'll look forward to another ten years.

In any event, the weather's looking very nice here.

1 comment:

a manchester student said...

I am really looking forward to meeting you at GMEX. My friends and I have loved your work ever since we started reading your blog. Your life seems so exciting and you really seem to have a good understanding of politics in the Labour Party and everything. I will see you at the blogging wigwam tonight if my mum lets me go out.