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Thursday, September 07, 2006

Gordon Backs Tony

Becoming PM will take a weight off my shouldersThankfully my worst fears were not realised and the Grand Ol' Opry performed well this afternoon. Tony looked a little nervous, but held his ground despite fierce questioning from the assembled bunch of hand-picked poodles journalists. And we got the schoolkids with the "F**k Off Bliar" posters out of the way before the cameras rolled. Disgraceful behaviour of the sort you might expect in Hackney, but St. John's Wood, for Godsake!

I was especially proud of Gordon, who stopped short of plunging the knife in any further. Responding through gritted teeth after Tony's little joke about Alan Milburn as "his one friend", he made clear to the world that he was his own man and needed no gimmicks such as the celebrity endorsements that we used during Tony's "Cool Britannia" period. What a man.. and what superb gold medals!

With acknowledgement to Sky News® for the picture.

1 comment:

Sue Smith said...

Yes - I saw the Sky News broadcast as well, and I reckon the odds against Sir Steve Redgrave appearing by accident just behind your left shoulder as you make a public speech is about 3,560,000,000 to 1.

Don't I recall, albeit many years ago, a strange case of John Selwyn Gummer sprouting in a similar manner as a pimple on Margaret Thatcher's nose?