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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

How Do You Solve A Problem Like Bob?



In the second series of the popular TV comedy "Pinkadder", Luke Akehurst plays a nasty, scheming right-wing palace courtier in Elizabethan England. Sometimes favourite of the King and scourge of his rival bloggers, "Edmond Pinkadder" parties in merry olde England.

'Tis a new political party, ma'am, and I expect 'twill thrive

The six episodes in the second series:

1. Bells - Served by a dungball in a dress and accompanied by a dimwit that he can't seem to shake off, Pinkadder finds himself strangely attracted to his new servant - Bob.

2. Head - Newly appointed Lord High Executioner - Edmund Pinkadder - finds himself in a bit of pickle when his decides to cut short on his Council chores and executes the wrong man. Bob is not amused.

3. Potato - Not to be outdone by the pompous and boring Sir Raleigh, Pinkadder sets out to find the new world and ends up eating Bob's prize potato and drinking his own urine, along with some rather fine claret.

4. Money - An angry Party Treasurer with a red hot poker tries to collect on Edmund's debts but only succeeds in wounding his servant Bob.

5. Beer - Juggling dinner with his Quaker relatives while conducting a claret drinking game works fine for Edmund, until Bob discovers an oddly shaped turnip.

6. Chains - A crazed master of disguise with an awful Black Country accent threatens to ruin Pinkadder's whole life. Meantime, Bob lets his hair down and reveals a shocking secret.

Pinkadder blames everything on Bob.

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