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Monday, September 11, 2006

Misery Returns As My Union Attacks Tony

The Great Leader, fully in tune with working peopleRecently I have been in a state of misery, brought on by having to listen to my partner's collection of Morrissey records and made worse by the self-destruction of the Labour Party.

My misery has returned today with the news that the General Secretary of my union Amicus (also the union of six of my Hackney Labour fellow Councillors), has publicly called for an immediate handover of power to Gordon as part of a "realignment" of party policy.

Worse still, although not entirely surprisingly, general secretary of the Public and Commercial Services Union Mark Serwotka has said that demonstrations should be held across the UK to mark Tony Blair's departure as part of protests against the privatisation of public services. No wonder Tony made the comments he did about both the TUC and himself being glad that this conference would be their last encounter.

1 comment:

Edna Gribbins said...

Don't take the piss out of Morrissey. He wrote some beautiful lyrics, including this:

Still drinking on the corner
Just don't say I didn't warn you
Always nagging big brother
He's only looking out for you

Tony The Pony
Tony The Pony

You're still standing on the corner
Just don't say I didn't warn you
Old and jealous big brother
You had your time and you spent it

Now, Tony The Pony
Tony The Pony
So, that's what they call you now ?
When you're free outside
So cold and hard and in control
And ...
There's a free ride on
Tony The Pony

Oh, why do you always wanna stop me
From doing the things in life that make me happy ?
And when I'm outside with friends, laughing loudly
Why do you always wanna stop me ?

Oh, I would never
I would never

But you will carry the can for anyone
The free ride on
Gullible Tony

You're drunker quicker
And you're sicker even quicker
For something heavy is gonna fall on you
Oh ...

And what do they call you now ?
When you're free outside
So cold and hard and in control
And, oh ... been a lark
There's a free ride on
Fucked-up Tony

I will never say I told you so
Or how I knew that something bad
Would happen to you
I don't wanna say I told you so
Oh, but Tony, I told you so !!!
I told you so