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Friday, September 29, 2006

Some Thoughts About How To Make Reading A Blog A Positive Experience For Politics Students, Especially Those Who Prefer A Thousand Words To A Picture

How I feel each day as I sit to blogBlogs should be enjoyable experiences where the bloggers get a buzz out of promoting themselves and the policies they agree with and their readers feel empowered.

That's why you should use the maximum length of headline and ensure that every point of your argument is fully and ponderously spelt out (preferably with references and footnotes).

Only the writers of comic books such as Iain Dale would disagree (see his "Top Ten Tips for a Successful Blog", #2 - Don't write an essay, be short and snappy).

My fellow Councillor Linda Kelly has got the right idea, having filled the equivalent of an entire "Hackney Groveller" with her pro-Israeli letters over the past few weeks. She knows, like me, that a thousand words are worth a picture!

1 comment:

Clear Hardly said...

Wordy politicians like Linda could learn something from the captains of industry. When he shits on others from a great height, Richard Branson recites the hot air ballooners motto -"Flatulence will get you nowhere".