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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Through A Glass Darkly

I must take a holiday in Andalucia soonWe are living in some very odd times politically. I feel a bit like Alice, trying to find my way out of Wonderland, supporting the King, being sentenced to death by the Queen and seeing the whole Mad Hatter's Labour Party collapse like a pack of cards.

Now that we have the two blogsites discussing my role in relation to the Tony Blair memo signatories, it has become apparent that the spoof site (pretending that I had absolutely nothing to do with it and find everything a complete mystery) reflects the sensible, moderate line that I generally put out...

...whereas my own site (in which I have almost surprised myself with my uncharacteristic honesty) reflects the half-baked Machiavellianism normally associated with those well to the left of me politically.

It's all very strange. If it gets any stranger maybe I'll wake up one morning and find myself reading "The Independent" over my cereals!


Luke Akehurst said...

Actually I was reading the Independent on a 243 bus rather than over my cereals.

Chris Bryant said...

Still using buses, eh, Akehurst? I always knew you were a plebian little tosser. You wouldn't catch me on public transport. It's for the chavs.