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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Cameron Videoblogs Fall Flat

I told you Webmacaroon would attract about as much interest as a rat scratching its fleas and I was right. It's all very well and good people pointing out that I couldn't manage to come higher than 35th in a popularity poll of Labour bloggers with only about 35 serious contenders, but comfort comes from the fact that the hoodie-hugger is even less interesting than me.

Um... err... welcome back to Webcameron.... um...

Posted on Friday, this video masterpiece had managed a momentous 73 viewings by this evening. It has also received two comments, the first from someone stoned: "You should be pleased that a person of power puts things you like in to practice, you'll never get the chance to do it", and the second from a member of the illiterati (probably someone from Hackney): "Wow, the dip in views since the first few videos is incredible. Get the feeling the internet doesn't care about polotics [sic]."

Wow, you'd better watch out BBC. God this rubbish makes my rubbish look brilliant!

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