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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Short Fuse

Clare Short - always enjoyed a good bangSo Clare Short has left the PLP - more with a "ping, whizz" than a "bang.... bang, bang, bang".

I have to say that being upset by "a string of rebukes" from the Chief Whip is the feeblest reason I have ever heard for leaving the Party. I've rebuked many Hackney Councillors in my time and none of them ever resigned in consequence.

If they hadn't split up years ago over the thorny issue of private schooling, the Abbott & Corbyn Roadshow (formerly top of the charts with "Everywhere you go, I'm coming too") would have been p*****g themselves.

I think Jacqui Smith was quite restrained as I personally have long thought that Clare should be hung outside parliament - a reasonable treatment in my opinion for any traitorous Labour MP who doesn't want us to win the next election.

So good riddance to bad rubbish, I say. Everyone else who doesn't agree with The Great Leader and our tough policies against global terrorism, in favour of private development and for a cost-effective NHS should follow her out of the door. Even if it means that only Maggie Thatcher, Tony and myself are left at the end of the day.


Phantom of the Labour Party said...

Sorry, I only came across this blog today only I wish I came across it sooner. This has got to be the funniest place on the internet. Luke foolishly tried to unveil my identity on my blog. So smug, he thought he got it right, I sure proved him wrong.

A Political Communications Consultant said...

Am loving the blog...

Anonymous said...

Followed out the door, kicked out of the door should be the ideal response. Short, Corbyn and Abbot are all Quislings and appeasers. I'd much rather have Maggie Thatcher as my MP than Clare Short or Dianne Abbot. She'd give Dianne Portillo. Jihad Jeremy and Clare pro war (as long as the West doesn't win) Short a damn good run for their money anytime.

Luke Akehurst said...

I'd rather have Maggie Thatcher as my MP as well, but I'm not supposed to say things like that as I'm the local Labour Party Chief Whip. And for God's sake don't tell Diane. She'll get very upset, if she has time in-between the stresses of life as a millionaire, mother and black role model.