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Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Regulars will know that I always like to publish by-election results without fear or favour, so here are last week's. I've not had time to analyse them yet, but I did notice that Sergeant Wilson's seat in Warminster was up for election. Did we do OK?

Lib Dems gain 2 lose 1
Tories gain 2 lose 1
Lab gain 1
Ind lose 2

Havant BC, Battins
LD Faith Ponsonby 401 (41.9; +11.7), Con 264 (27.6; +2.2), Lab 236 (24.7; -7.2), Green 55 (5.8; -6.7).
Majority 137. Turnout 20.3%. LD gain from Con.

Hyndburn DC, Rishton
Lab 1112 (55.2; +5.9), Con 848 (42.1; -9.6), LD Bill Green 54 (2.7; +2.7).
Majority 264. Turnout 39.7%. Lab gain from Con.

Richmondshire DC, Gilling West
Ind 258 (64.5; -2.5), Con 142 (35.5; +2.5).
Majority 116. Turnout 40.4%. Ind hold.

Stratford on Avon DC, Kineton
Con 712 (54.4; +13.3), LD Sandra Knapton 598 (45.6; -13.3).
Majority 114. Turnout 39.4%. Con gain from LD.

West Wiltshire DC, Warminster West
Con 572 (42.3; -14.3), LD Roger Coveney 448 (33.1; +12.4), Ind 332 (24.6; +14.0), [Green (0.0; -12.2)].
Majority 124. Turnout 21.3%. Con gain from Ind.

Wiltshire CC, Warminster West
LD Paul Batchelor 548 (40.2; +11.1), Con 543 (39.8; +4.4), Ind 273 (20.0; -15.5).
Majority 5. Turnout 21.3%. LD gain from Ind.

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