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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Reverting To Type

Making materials to deal with dissidents in sushi barsI am delighted to report that Copeland CLP's replacement for the late departed "Nuclear Jack" Cunningham, now Baron Cunningham of Felling, is keeping up the good work.

Nuke Cunningham's successor, Jamieson (Jedi) Reed MP, is the former Press Office of British Nuclear Fuels Ltd at Sellafield, in the constituency.

"Baby Jack", as he is known, was Cunningham's researcher. Like his patron, Reed is the direct descendent of a GMB union leader, was selected to represent the constituency at the age of 31 and... here's the good bit... staunchly defends nuclear power.

So Labour is staunchly defending jobs rather than manby-pambying about with the greens and CND loonies. And Cumbria still glows in the dark, which saves on street lighting.

1 comment:

Hilda Blogwaggoner said...

I live in Cumbria and until I read your interesting article I never realised why my toes glow at night under the bedclothes. I had always thought it was something to do with my husband Fred, but now I realise that it's all the fault of that Mr. Cunningham. Thanks for explaining it to me.