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Friday, November 17, 2006

A Statement

I would like to make it absolutely clear that, whereas I did attend a private dinner in Islington the other night, I did not make the comment attributed to me by Eric Gordon of The Islington Tribune.

Eric Gordon protests against the war in Iraq
Eric Gordon,
Editor of The Islington Tribune

On the contrary, not only have I always trusted Tony and accepted The Great Leader's arguments about the dangers posed by Iraq, but I would have supported the war even if there had never been a dodgy dossier.

Nobody needs to prove to me that we shouldn't attack any country we feel like, especially if our friends across the pond ask us to do so.

The allegations are completely mischievous, as are the comments in various media outlets about rats deserting ships. Believe me when I say that this particular rat intends to remain steadfast aboard the ship until it sinks.

No... sorry... that's not quite what I meant... but you know what I mean.

Luke Akehurst
Campaign for a Twenty-Seventh Term
c/o Siôn Llewelyn Simon


Siôn Llewelyn Simon said...

What did you mean by "diminished mental age"? I've always had this mental age, at least for as long as I can remember.

Ingrid Polansky said...

Where I live in Islington there's a school crossing lady called Beryl who looks just like the one in your picture. Is it her?

Amir Choudhary said...

"A private dinner"! You've been exposed, mate. You were spotted at the Islington Fabian Society dinner. No wonder you don't want to admit it.

If I was spoofing you, I wouldn't be able to stomach telling the truth because it is so implausible noone would believe it.

I'd probably say it was someone who looked a bit like you. Margaret Hodge would be a good bet.