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Friday, December 29, 2006

Faites Vos Jeux, Mesdames Et Messieurs


Bet tax free in Barbados
Freephone 0800 148149 (Switch, Solo, Delta and Electron cards accepted).

The Odds - Tony Blair Summer Holiday Host, 2007

The Honorary Sir Bono Parte of YouToobe: 2/1
Sir Clifford Riches of Barbados: 2/1
Sir Mick Rolling-Joints of Extended Musical Copyright: 6/1
Lord Thomas Cruiseliner of Ronhubbard: 8/1
Lord and Lady Becksposh of Tottenham Madrid: 10/1
Sir Elton Toupee of Civilpartnership: 12/1
Lord Simon Cowpat of Exfactor: 14/1
Sir Gordon Sumner of Policestingoperation: 16/1
Dame Madge Ciccone of Malawi: 25/1
Brenda Windsorcastle of Saxe-Coburg: 33/1

The Blair's Modest Little Guest-House, 2006

"Mr Blair does seem to be somewhat star-struck when it comes to choosing his holiday destinations,
whether or not he also has to pay for the privilege" - Graham Sharpe, William Hill

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