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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'm Spartacus

The Labour Party is still a broad church, even if the pews are emptyI'm a bit busy with work and family issues at the moment, so I shall be asking new Hackney North & Stokie member Dave Osler to pen a couple of pieces for the blog.

I hope he doesn't abuse the situation by publishing anything too left-wing.

You know the kind of thing - defending the Labour Party/trades union link, attacking the lawyers, other professionals and career politicians who make up most of the PLP and Hackney Council Labour Group, arguing for strengthening grass-roots trade union organisation in the Party, claiming that the little b******s I want to serve ASBOs on are just the victims of family breakdown brought on by poverty and deprivation...

Still, I expect that if Dave doesn't publish anything as ridiculous as that, my spoofster probably will. I never understand this nutter. Half the time he makes me out to be Ghengis Khan and the other half of the time he paints me as Josef Stalin. I'm becoming very confused about myself. It's no wonder other people are confused about me.

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S Freud said...

So tell me... what was your relationship with your mother like?