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Wednesday, December 13, 2006

It's All A Ghastly Typing Error

The media are at it yet again, stirring up the "cash-for-honours" story that should be long laid to rest by now. Today they are highlighting two characters: leading venture capitalist Sir Ronald Cohen and Tanzanian businessman Sir Jayantilal (Andy) Keshavji Chande.

New 'cash-for-honours' suspect is arrestedBoth of these honourable gentlemen are quite rightly reacting angrily to the news, suggesting that their large donations to the Labour Party were the reason for their having been awarded knighthoods, in 2000 and 2003 respectively.

I can now reveal exclusively that these stories resulted from typing errors made by agency secretarial staff employed at Labour Party HQ as part of staff reduction measures - ironically introduced to address the Party's financial crisis.

The actual Labour Party donors, whose names were unfortunately confused, were Ronald McDonald, Sasha Baron Cohen and Andy Pandy.

I do hope this ghastly error by dyslexic temps will be corrected soon and the integrity of Sir Ronald, Sir Andy and the Party will be speedily restored.


ursula barracuda said...

He looks just like the sort of clown who gives large amounts of money to the Labour Party in order to get a knighthood.

ilikeakehurstfanclub said...

Why don't you sod off, Ursula Barracuda! That sort of playground name-calling is not appropriate for a serious blog like this. Go visit the spoofster's site if you're going to insult people, silly twat!

Anyway, he's not a "sort of clown". He is our great leader, Jules Pipe and, according to a recent MORI statement, he and our Chief Executive are going to get knighthoods anyway.