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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

We're Losing The War In Iraq

Not my choice of words in the heading of course. Anyone who has read my postings will know that I have always supported British involvement in Iraq, including keeping our troops there until the job is done and the security role can be handed over safely to the Iraqi police and armed forces.

Only a month ago my illiterate spoofster wrote about "a [sic] historic parralel [sic]". Although he can't spell and his understanding of the use of the indirect article with the silent "h" leaves something to be desired, the point he made was an unarguable one - premature withdrawal from Iraq would likely result in the same consequences as the helicopter evacuation of Saigon. And Tony has repeatedly stated that we will not withdraw troops until Iraq is stable.

Robert Gates - I'm out of hereSo it was interesting to read the comments made by US Defence Secretary nominee Robert Gates at the Senate committee established to confirm his appointment.

Asked by Democratic Senator Carl Levin if he believed that the US was currently winning in Iraq, Gates replied: "No, Sir." The response caused so much surprise that committee members were keen to follow up. Republican Senator John McCain, repeating the statement and asking the nominee for confirmation, received the reply: "that is my view, yes Sir."

Now far be it for me to say that we are losing the war in Iraq, but if the next US Secretary of Defence thinks we are losing it...

This posting has been featured in today's on-line version of Time Magazine (see 'Background - related blogs').


Chris Baldwin said...

I'm pretty sure "a historic" is acceptable.

Luke Akehurst said...

Would it be a historic victory or a historic defeat that would be acceptable?