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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Des Browne Words Of Wisdoom

At the risk of having comments posted by readers engaged in such witty, incisive and profound political colloquy as calling eachother "gutless morons", I thought I'd better make mention of the latest wisdom of Browne (for the morons out there that's Browne the Defence Secretary, not Brown the Great Leader Designate).

How to deal with repeat offendersHaving rehearsed his lines in front of some of us at the Progress debate on Trident on Monday night, Des made a stirring speech at King's College London, duly satirised by the Guardian in what is becoming ritual and tedious anti-Labour rhetoric. Why I ever bought the rag and sat up late writing endless letters to the Editor I'll never know.

Des is a man with a mission, doing a fantastic job. At a time when Tony can't even reward someone who sponsors a secondary school City Academy with the odd knighthood or seat in the Lords without a hoo-hah in the media, Des has managed to sneak through an extra £1.5bn a year on the defence budget with hardly a mention in the press. And he's managed to fiddle the figures perform creative accounting of capital depreciation and finance costs so the total budget appears to be a mere £33.6bn instead of the actual figure of £41.5bn.

Now that's what I call genius! We could buy enough Trident missiles with the cash he's hidden to nuke the f*****g Iranians, North Koreans and Cubans and still have some firepower left over to deal with that b*****d John Yates.

Excuse the swearing. It's not like me, but I get quite excited when I think of lighting the blue touch-paper and standing well back. Especially if I can video the big bang and watch the playback in bed with Linda.

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Desmonde said...

Listen here ye little turd - if I get a hold o' ye I'll wring yer wee sassenach neck and stick a cruise missile up yer jacksie.