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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Don't Believe Everything You Read On The Web

'I'm driven by seeing things that are wrong in the world... and wanting to put it better.'I've always thought one of the key measures you can judge a politician by is whose interests they really represent. Some politicians represent the interests of their constituents and some represent the interests of those who will eventually employ them on massive salaries when they retire from political life. The former group is known as "Labour" and the latter group is known as "Tories". LibDems are too stupid to work out how to arrange such deals.

Obviously Tony is a true servant of the people with no thought for his personal advancement or that of his family and friends. So I was pleased that he stood by Ruth Turner yesterday on what must have been a ghastly day, saying: "Ruth is a person of the highest integrity for whom I have great regard and I continue to have complete confidence in her".

This fits with my memory of her from the little fling I had with her over a decade ago when we were both involved in NOLS - someone that stood out for decency in the snakepit of student politics. Which brings me to the title of this post.

The right-wing libertarian, Old Harrovian and former acid-house party impresario Paul Staines (aka. Guido Fawkes) has written some very nasty things about Ruth here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here... Oh, I can't go on as it's hurting my fingers.

His main accusation is that Ruth has been the key "woman in grey" behind the "cash-for-honours" affair. Another major accusation (amongst several) is that she has for some time been the spokesperson for Capita, Liberata, Vertex and other practititoners of "business process re-engineering in Government", otherwise known as "Government outsourcing" or more crudely as "selling off the national silver".

Clearly this is a bitter and twisted blogger with a deep hatred of this fine and decent young woman. Maybe she rejected his advances. Sexual advances, I mean of course! Ruth would never reject a good cash advance.


Wristslitter fan said...

Can we have a campaign to get Mayor Ken Livingstone to give Cllr Luke Akehurst a job please?

Luke Akehurst said...

Now why would Ken want to offer me a job? I don't understand. Especially after my little involvement in the covert operation to get Dobbo elected as Mayor.

Kens rope manafacturers said...

It's not that Ken would want to offer you a job, Luke, it's that many of your loyal readers might *want* Ken to offer you one. Why?
Or I mean, offer your spoofster a job. (see his posting from 22 January, 4th paragraph:

Luke Akehurst said...

Oh that's not very nice. Why would you want me to slit my wrists?

Anonymous said...

Big Breakfast
Don't forget my Swimming Pool I mean Toothbrush
Did you do anything else on the telly exactly
Being together with Cllr Billie Piper

Luke Akehurst said...

Sounds like Cbeebies would be more your sort of thing.

Oh hell, wait a minute, that's more my sort of thing.