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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Press vs Hazel

There's been a media feeding frenzy lately with invented stories about the dimunitive, chestnut coiffured Minister without Portfolio and Party Chairmanwomanperson.

'Are you telling me you didn't recognise this pixie when you arrested her, constable?'In recent days we've seen utter nonsense about her constituency activities here and here in the Manchester Evening News and articles suggesting that she has called for The Great Leader's resignation in the Torygraph and backed Brown for Leader in ePolitix.

Back before Christmas the press was accusing her of engaging in the vulgar practice of "street protest" outside Hope Hospital. I was the first to publish the truth, namely that she was merely making a celebrity appearance to show her support for local mothers and that her appearance was nothing to do with the impending boundary changes and consequent need for her to defend her seat. When it comes to attacks on my fellow ginger nutted friend, I'm always ready to defend her seat.

So I was disappointed to read this attack on her and her position from the Former Minister for John Prescott's Responsibilities. I had forgotten that John Prescott has an "antipathy" to Hazel Blears. Another good reason to back Hazel for Deuty Leader. Or even to back her for Deputy Leader.


ursula barracuda said...

I suspect that the "antipathy" resulted from an occasion on which said former minister attempted to grope said pixie but was unable to bend down far enough to get a good grip.

Chris Paul said...

This picture of the not-as-tall-as-he-looks-here Brian Wroe is very out of date Luke. It's all very well to castigate fellow Labour bloggers for using old cuts demos outside your Town Hall ... but plain hypocritical to use this medieval picture of sainted Salford and her patron Saint HB Pencil. Wroe is now working for Salford CC as a high up in social/community services, part funded by the PCT who are naturally high on HB's Xmas card list.

Luke Akehurst said...

I just use any photos I can steal. You must be confusing me with someone principled. What do you expect from Tony's brown-tongued boy?