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Friday, January 05, 2007

Tom Cats

I'm well used to a bit of political banter, and I'm especially fond of commentators with a sense of humour. There have been two fine examples of this today - the anonymous person now appearing in web blog searches asking: "Is Luke Akehurst the NUS git I used to know?" and Idiots For Labour nominating me twice in their spam roll of honour with the implication that I'm twice as stupid as the other nominees (I laughed until tears rolled down my cheeks).

I'm especially fond of comedians who go by the name of Tom - especially when they are Labour councillors or MPs and/or former flatmates of mine. Earlier in the week, my old mucker Thicko had me in stitches: "Iain Dale loves his stats. Luke Akehurst does too. Luke though, is not a vain man. He worries not that his blog is found by the google search "I hate Luke" or that a proportion of his traffic comes from the fake Luke Akehurst site."

Tomcats doing what turns some people on

Tomcats doing what turns me on
Now it's the turn of Tom Harris MP (Glasgow South). His blog is brilliant - full of sound, sensible centre-right politics presented with a terrific sense of humour.

Take for example this witty comment: "At the last anti-war demo in London, I couldn’t help but notice banners bearing the legend: "Support the resistance". Resistance? Not the French Resistance, surely?" Or this hilarious piece: "Doctor Who on Christmas day - what a disappointment! I actually fell asleep half way through and when I realised I’d missed a bit of the "plot", I couldn’t even be bothered to rewind and watch it."

Better still is this rib-tickling snorter: "And here’s my other prediction for next year: after May’s Scottish Parliament elections, Labour will still be the single biggest party at Holyrood." Wow! What a wag! Is it something about MPs called Tom that they seem to be the only people in the Commons really getting to grips with blogging?


Anonymous said...

It was me who wrote the NUS git statement on the other blog - I remember Luke well when he was NUS/NOLS/brown nosing. I had little time for Luke then and now find I have even less time for him now.

Why must the Labour Party attract such deadly dull people with no personality?

Luke Akehurst said...

I have absolutely no recollection of meeting you in NOLS.

Nor do I much like being referred to in the third person - I'm not royalty yet, even if I do have a thing for Zara and her big trophies.

More importantly, I may be very dull and boring but you can't accuse me of having a brown nose. My nose is a wide variety of colours due to the fact that I put it in so many different places. A modern politican must be flexible and pragmatic, and I'm certainly that.

So anonymous - come out of the shadows and identify yourself. I bet you're a Tory. No... I withdraw that. I bet you're a LibDem.

Ted's lourdes money said...

Luke left Bristol NUS in the dead of night I am led to believe , perhaps contemporaries can shed some light on the reasons?

Luke Akehurst said...

Are you suggesting that I have "something of the night" about me?

You're not AW in disguise (i.e. behind a very large tree), are you?