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Friday, March 09, 2007

Hackney Cats Are A Perfectly Reasonable Size

According to information released to The Taxpayers' Alliance under the Freedom of Information Act, the highest paid 10 Council officers in Hackney earned a mere £1,222,384 in total remunerations between them last year. With 5 Council officers in Britain earning over £200,000 and 64 earning over £150,000, the figures show that Hackney has been very responsible in keeping staff salaries under control. Only Hackney's Chief Executive features in the list of 50 top paid individuals and we only have 10 staff positions remunerated at £100,000+, from a massive total of 578 country wide.

A sunny day in Town Hall SquareTop of Hackney's earnings list was CEO Penny Thompson on £164,839, followed by Steve Tucker (Housing) on £126,538, Gillian Steward (Customer & Corporate Services) on £123,755, Tim Shields (Finance & Resources) on £120,985, Kim Wright (Community Services) on £120,985, Fiona Fletcher-Smith (Neighbourhoods & Regeneration) on £118,205, Rob Morgan (Social Services) on £109,395 and Meic Sullivan-Gould (Legal Services) on £102,717. Retiring from the Council in 2005 were Mary Richardson (Social Services) on £131,984 and Claer Lloyd-Jones (Law & Democratic Services) on £102,981 and no details of replacement salaries are available.

According to Annual Survey of Hours and Earnings from The Office for National Statistics, median gross pay for all employees in Hackney last year was £522.20 per week, or about £25k per annum when adjusted for those whose earnings do not include paid holidays. In other words, our top Council staff only earn 4.88 times as much as the average worker in the Borough. Not a bad ratio, when you consider the important roles performed by the senior officers when compared with the average peasantry - and certainly not the "20 times" figure that the Trotskyites are always shouting about.


Horace Gilsalmon said...

I'm afraid that your maths is as faulty as your politics.

You've taken the official earnings data from the Office for National Statistics, which I think you'll find only includes data for those in employment with business that are registered for tax and NI.

In a place like Hackney, of course, there's a massive underclass of people many of whom are in unregistered jobs paying at or below the minimum wage. If you think the average earnings in Hackney are £25,000 p.a. you must be more stupid than you look.

I estimate that the true figure is more like £15,000 p.a. and that means that the fat cats are getting 8-10 times as much.

Anonymous said...

You would think that - after the Victoria Climbie affair - Mary Richardson, Director of Haringey's Housing and Social Services would never be trusted with a position of responsibility over children ever again.

Mary Richardson's legacy

Only in utterly rotten Hackney would her cohorts gather round to offer her a plump position as head of Social Services and a salary of £131,984.

Hackney really stinks!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You forget to mention how much you sacm from the taxpayers

Luke Akehurst said...

Oh dear. Yet another poor victim of Hackney schools. You really should be able to spell four letter words - people like you use enough of them in the street and at football matches. At public school they taught me words with as many as eight letters and I spell most of them corectly correctley right.

Luke Akehurst said...

I don't scam anything from taxpayers (or Council Tax payers as I presume you meant to say). I don't even claim transport expenses for traveling on the bus like Red Ken.

All I get from Hackney is the fame and glory that will one day propel me into a Government ministerial post and eventually to a fortune from publishing my diaries and gallons of claret from after-dinner speaking.

Tony said...

I doubt it Luke you have been tainted by Hackney. No selection commitee would touch you with a barge pole. No fat cat MP salary for you. Back to the drawing board