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Friday, March 23, 2007

Well Done Andy

Congratulations to my mate Andy Parsons for winning the Guy Nicholson competition.

Readers will remember that this light-hearted contest was for the first person to devise a method of getting Councillor Nicholson to write a letter to "The Groveller" with the opening word or words drawn from a list of winning options.

By faking a letter about football pitches last week, Andy managed to elicit the winning response on the Letters Page this week.

So well done to you, Andy. Or should I say... Johnnie!
Cheers. Hic!


Ingrid Polansky said...

Lol! Maybe I should write a letter to The Groveller and sign it "Gordon Gin".

Anonymous said...

You make me sick. You and your fellow Labour crooks have known from the start you will be building houses on the car park you having built on Hackney Marsh. You never has any intention of putting the football pitches back after the games. You are a prime example of the virus infecting british politics these days. Greedy, Selfish, self centered, fat, lazy, corrupt, and arrogant. Go back where you come from and leave HAckney alone

Luke Akehurst said...

I think they've just posted your number on the display panel, anonymous. You'd better hurry off and sign or they may cut your benefits off next week.

I don't want riff-raff like you on my website. Why don't you go away and pester this spoof site instead.

Help said...

I thought this was the spoof site??

Luke Akehurst said...

Take a look at this and tell me it's the work of a Labour CLP Chief Whip and Director of one the world's leading PR companies. Then tell me that this is the spoof site!

Meg said...

This IS the spoof site!