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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Whinging Kids

Have fun while you learn, at a Hackney virtual schoolJust look at this. No matter what we do for the peasants, there's always someone whinging in this Borough. This time it's a 10-year-old who's moaning just because he hasn't got a school place. As if he was the only one. There's hundreds of kids in Hackney who can't get a school place.

Under Labour, we made education more efficient by closing down all the failing schools, outsourcing education services and building manga academies at strategic locations.

These are all beautifully drawn by skilled architects and are a vast improvement on the old brick and concrete affairs that we had in the days before we knocked them down and built nice new flats with gymnasia in their place.

All you need to enjoy our new schools is a bit of imagination and a broadband connection. Not too much to ask, surely? But if you really must insist on having an actual, old-fashioned school to go to, get on your bike and look elsewhere. Try Tower Hamlets. They're very backwards over there. Full of pre-New Labour brick and concrete monstrosities.

1 comment:

Aminda Shah (aged 6) said...

You're worried about 10-year-olds attacking New Labour's elitist policies? You ain't seen nothing yet.