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Monday, April 16, 2007

Des Browne

The calls by David Cameron for Des Browne to resign as Defence Secretary are just silly.

Then you grab the Iranian sailor's bollocks like this...I personally don't think that the released sailors and marines should have been authorised to sell their stories, but either way it is not a momentous decision that should make or break a minister's career.

How come I get to wear the nice clean white shirt when we go out?Government Ministers should not resign because of a decision about the MoD rules on PR.

They should resign, however, if they take bad decisions that unnecessarily endanger the lives of thousands of service personnel.

Even more so if hundreds of armed forces personnel die as a result of their stupid and reckless decisions. Such as the decision to start wars in the Middle East based on false evidence from dodgy dossiers, for instance.

Oh s**t! Linda. Linda, can you help me out with this one please? I think I'm getting myself into a bit of a twist on this post about Des Browne.

1 comment:

Derek Melbourne said...

Hey look, can you just imagine that bloke lowering himself into a tank then? He's the perfect stopper shape.

Maybe if he wanders outside like that the insurgents will think the allies have surrendered.