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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Is The Upturn Here?

One of the more personal aspects of being a CLP Membership Secretary as well as a CLP Chief Whip, a full-time professional spin doctor and the father of a demanding child is that the stress eventually gets to your... well, you know... your bits.
Things are looking up, but politically, I'm a stiffI've never been one to flinch from discussing these issues, no matter how personal and painful they may be. Linda has been very understanding, of course, wonderful woman that she is. But the truth is that things haven't been looking up lately.

As a blogger, you get loads and loads of spam comments that drive you completely up the wall. I've always just discarded the on-line pharmaceutical adverts, but the other week I had a closer look at one and went ahead with a small order. I can't believe it. After just a few days on v****a my purple pal has taken a serious upturn. Linda is thrilled - telling me she can't remember the last time I was so rock solid (either in my missionary position or in my political position).

I only wish that Labour Party membership figures would take a similar upturn!

1 comment:

Derek Melbourne said...

Go for it you Pommie b'stard! I reckon on that basis you should stand for Deputy PM - after all a good erection seems to be the prime requirement for the job. Do you play croquet?