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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Oliver Kamm

I'm bemused by Oliver Kamm's attack on political blogs in The Guardian.

It is, of course, totally fair comment when aimed at my opponents such as Guido Fawkes and the weirder end of the libertarian Tory blogosphere as in Monday's piece linked above - but it suddenly becomes foaming-at-the-mouth rabid anti-Americanism when aimed at New Labour as is frequently the case in The Guardian's "Comment is Free" column.

Attacking political blogging as a medium because you don't like Guido is fair enough, but attacking political blogging because you think I'm an ars**ole is completely unfair and rather stupid. Lighten up Oliver, and for a starter allow comments on your own blog. I've been on the receiving end of some fairly unpleasant comments here, but that comes with the territory of expressing yourself politically - if you express strong opinions you get strong feedback.

The new face of political bloggingAnd what kind of rarified political world is it that Oliver lives in if he thinks angry or abusive comments are a product of the blogosphere? He should try canvassing at election time.

If like me you are a right-wing New Labour supporter in Hackney, you get no end of abuse thrown at you by those who think you are a usurper of their Party, an overpaid foie gras guzzling fraud and part of a corrupt and manipulative local council group of liars, cheats and robbers.

Obviously I don't pay much attention to these comments when they originate from the peasantry. But I've also had worse things said to me at Labour Party meetings than in the comments on this blog, and still gone for a drink afterwards with the people attacking me.

But what the hell. It's called politics - it excites people and inspires them and can make them angry. It's not an academic exercise about theories it's about how government affects people's lives so if they feel they need to shout then they have a right to.

If you want to know how people view me as a blogger, look at the people who link to my blog. They are all sensible, decent political analysts making a positive contribution to political debate in this country. And because they do this so successfully, old hacks like Oliver Kamm are running scared for their own fat-cat positions in the traditional media.

My linkers include both political friends and political enemies: Chris Paul, Iain Dale, Quink of "Hackney Lookout", Paul Canning, Paul Stott of "I Intend To Escape", "Not the Clissold Leisure Centre", Kerron Cross, "Labour Watch", "Never Trust a Hippy", Tom Miller of "NewerLabour", "Shiraz Socialist", "The Rotten Elements" and "Take Back The Voice" to name just a few. On the other hand, I agree with Oliver Kamm when it comes to bloggers such as the spoofster who keeps impersonating me. I've checked on Technorati and drawn up the following list of websites that link to this vile parody blog. Check the list for yourself to see that I've made nothing up. I don't need to point out the clues as to what sort of person this is.

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1 comment:

Ethel Barracuda said...

I'm not sure which to be most worried about - the "I'm Not Gay" and porn site links, or all the "Paycheck Advance" links. What is your spoofster spending all his money on that he needs a sub each month?