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Sunday, May 06, 2007


I'm delighted by Sarko's win in France, and disgusted by the idea that there are Labour Party members out there who think it better to have a completely unhinged neo-fascist who can't maintain her cool from our French sister party, than someone whose sound, conservative policies are the mirror image of those of The Great Leader.

Pivot ici, bâtardeSégolène Royal's closing speech was a good example of exactly how bonkers the woman is - she committed to a new referendum on the EU constitution, positioning herself against Sarkozy's proposal for a mini-treaty and promising that the French people would not have the decision taken behind their backs.

So I was pleased to hear the BBC's Mark Mardell explaining the situation far better than I could on Radio 4's Election Special, where he revealed that Tony and the Cabinet were hoping for a Sarkozy victory since the last thing they want is another referendum.

Royal has managed to achieve one thing that Enoch Powell never managed. She warned on Friday that riots would break out if she was not elected President. "Rivers of blood", she predicted.

Listening to BBC radio in the past few minutes it appears that her call has been answered. The rioting has begun.

1 comment:

E Strebe-Griebling said...

I'd like to sit on her finger, but I'm not too sure about her policies. We're much better off with someone who supports Tony Blair and New Labour. You are quite right to back Sarkozy, even if he is a bit of a shite.