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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Only Themselves To Blame

Much squealing from some people about Hazel's continuing long odds in the Deputy Leadership contest. Apparently this is all my fault. Some very stupid and sorry members of the Party have argued that having people like me and John Reid supporting you is some kind of "kiss of death".

Consigned to the dusty bin of historyThey say that I:

  • made a laughing stock of Hazel by promoting her as a principled, independent right-of-centre candidate;
  • ended up supporting a candidate who has no cross-over appeal beyond vegetables and unsuccessful political manipulators.

It's all the fault of that nasty old rulebook saying that you need 45 nominators in order to stand for Deputy Leader - when the number of nominations only provides an indication of how many people are on the fence, not the number who have a genuine commitment to you.

It's not the rulebook, it's not people like me - it's the long-term rejection by Labour of any continuation of the sound politics of smarmy spin-merchants, mouse mats, hoodies, hospital picket line photo opportunities, sweat-tops and sweat-shops which stops people viewing Hazel as a serious leadership candidate.

It's not me who has dumped Hazel into the big bin. I think she's by far the best candidate. A true giant of modern politics. Clearly not everyone agrees with me.

Don't blame us sensible right-wing members. Blame yourselves and go away and consider whether you aren't totally and utterly wrong and misguided not to support the best candidate we have for Deputy Leader of the Party and Deputy Prime Minister.

Latest odds from William Hill: Harman 7/2, Johnson 15/4, Hain 5/1, Benn 13/2, Blears 7/1, Cruddas 15/2.

1 comment:

Antonia Fitzwalter said...

Surely not "the kiss of death". Those kissed by vampires don't die. They become the undead.