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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Praise For Hewitt From An Unexpected Quarter

Despite this:

and this:

tonight we saw this.

Without seeing details of the vote, it was clear that some Labour members "hung the Health Secretary out to dry".

But at least one front bencher and Deputy Leadership candidate stood by Patricia and supported the beleaguered Health Secretary in her hour of need. While millions sat at home dreaming of the day when they might get an opportunity to personally wring her patronising and condescending little neck, someone came stalwartly to her rescue. Well, as stalwartly as it is possible to be for someone who's eyeballs only come up to Patricia Hewitt's navel. And as stalwartly as it is possible to be for someone who has been photographed with protestors outside her local hospital when the photo opportunity suited (even though she wasn't actually on the picket line, just advising on PR aspects of the protest).

I think you know which little chipmunk we're talking about here. Good on yer, girl!

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