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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Er... Yes

Peter Kenyon is rather strangely speculating whether Mirror journo Kevin Maguire is "a stalking horse for the last of the Blairites who have been trying to wreck the TU link?" That, of course, indicates that Kenyon is either a muck-raking little toady or a complete moron, as Maguire is probably one of the most prominent and vocal press supporters of maintaining the union link.

I wonder if I've got time to pop out and vote again at half time?Maguire's argument was that unfairness is built into the electoral college, with one MP worth 535 Party members or 8,556 union levy payers. He also claimed that one MP has six votes - one as an MP, one as a member, two from unions and two more via affiliated organisations. His article concluded: "Labour democracy: vote early, vote often!"

Well, I'll vote for that. And a second time. And maybe a few more times if I get in early enough.

Peter needs to get his head round the fact that football Chief Executives have no business telling the Labour Party how to run its affairs. Just because he is backed by Roman's billions does not give him authority to discuss the Party electoral college any more than he was able to do as CEO of Umbro. He should get back to tapping up Ashley Cole and other activities for which he is far better qualified and stop pontificating about matters that should be left to people like me.

1 comment:

Bill Patterson said...

There's TU links and TU links. It's strange how the people in the party who most support TU links are now the right wingers rather than the left wingers. That's because they've neutered the unions that sponsor them, while sucking the money out of them.