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Friday, June 08, 2007

Olympic Logos - Hackney's Contribution

"You vil all enjoy ze Olympische Games! Long live der Pipeschaftenf├╝hrer. Sieg heil!"

"I'm orf before 'ackney Council Tax goes up to pay for it. F**k this for a game of Olympics!"

"Hackney residents are welcome to come and discuss it with me. My door is always open."

Chief Whip explains the Party line on the Olympics to other Councillors:

"It'll probably all turn into triceratops dung."

Good luck to our paralympian squad, especially the epileptic athletes.

"It won't cost Hackney residents a penny extra on their Council Tax bills."

"I'll just sit here and read Hackney Toady and hope it all goes away."
Extra! Extra!

This late-breaking entry from the swimmers. Now that the London Fields Lido is open again, I'm surprised they found time to design this excellent logo depicting a lifeguard giving the kiss of life to a drowning victim. First prize to the first person who can name both Councillors who posed for the design artist and minor prizes to anyone who can name any Councillors who attended as voyeurs.


Cedric Smythe-Featherstonehaugh said...

Am I being presumptive, or would that be the Officer for Regeneration (sponsored by Smirnoff) whose door is always open?

Lord London Fields Lido said...

You say councillors. Can we guess the mayor? Is that allowed? He looks like the kind of man who can attract young female councillors...

Lady London Fields Lido said...

To me he looks the kind of man who can attract young male councillors with equal aplomb.

wan kin (socialist) said...

Hackney residents are welcome to come and discuss it with me. My door is always open."

Surely, that quote could only come from our very own Mayor, Jules Goatse

Lord London Fields Lido said...

Well, I did always wonder whether he/she/it was male or female...