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Thursday, June 21, 2007

The White End Of The Political Spectrum

I've a white good feeling everything's gonna be OK


Clear Hardly said...

Luke - I'm confused. When Amanda prepared the "to be agreed facts" before the Inquisition - that Darren did not get legal advice about his breach of the Code of Conduct - was this the legal advice which your spoofster's blog (11.9.06) said Darren did get before the Planning Committee meeting which Darren says he didn't get, or was it the legal advice Meic Gullivers-Travels says Darren got from him immediately after the meeting which Darren says he didnt get, or the advice Darren is now saying he got from Meic long after the meeting which you and Meic didn't say he got. Darren must be one of those clever people whose memory improves with time - but it is confusing.

Luke Akehurst said...

No wonder you are called Clear Hardly. You could hardly be less clear. Who cares what Baby Parker was or was not told or when? Our team of independent pansies got him off, we sacked Meaigghieeek Gullivers-Travels and I didn't have to make the planned apology and take responsibility. Sod the detail... we won again. It's enough to make me consider converting to Catholicism.

angel thighs said...

"We deplore the personalised way in which objectors to the scheme have attacked Cllr Parker's role in the process".

I'm not at all clear on this point, Luke. Sounds like a non sequitur. Would you care to elucidate?

Luke Akehurst said...

Don't start talking Latin to me, just because you went to Eton or some such elevated Tory school. We didn't do modern languages in my minor public school, so I don't know what son nequitor means. What this means, however, is that attacks should not be personal. Blogs writing about Parkergate should have referred to "a collective decision to demolish Dalston" and "collective responsibility for inadequate training in SubCommittee procedures. Naming Councillor Parker and thereby personalising the issue was quite unnecessary.

Clear Hardly said...

Luke - mea culpa. It’s clear now that I definitely had a viscous and personalised attack of cynicism when thinking that Darren's job as CABE’s Housing Growth Areas Programme Officer might have had anything to do with giving planning permission for 550 new homes to be built in Dalston. And I suppose that what has “affected his relationship with his employer” was not the embarrassment of Darren’s misguided loyalty and enthusiasm in supporting CABE’s recommendations but the fact that he questioned their views about the colour of the new front doors.