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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

The Latest Ealing Southall Campaign Videos

I've just searched YouTube for the candidates and found these two PR video clips. Presumably the promo clip for Virendra Sharma has been posted somewhere more appropriate, such as SilverSurfer. Anyway, I couldn't find it but I'm sure Thicko will have stuck it somewhere. I only hope the iron lung didn't interfere too much with the video images.

Meanwhile, take a butchers at these and spot the difference.

Yes - you're right. The Tories are the ones who know how to make a widescreen video with fast-forward features, but scare the living daylights out of everyone around (watch people flee in terror from behind Grant Shapps). And someone needs to explain to Tony (Charles Lynton) Lit that he's wearing a LibDem tie. On that topic, the LibDems are the ones who can't find the music "on" switch. And they have a leader who, despite being four years younger than Virendra Sharma, can't remember his own candidate's name (although clearly he could strangle the poor chap with one hand).

No wonder Labour is running at 2/1 on and the Tories have moved from 9/1 against to 2/1 against, passing the LibDems on the way down.


Alexandrina Victoria von Wettin, née Hanover said...

I don't want to raise the alarms bells too much but did you spot a person of colour at the Tory finger buffet in the video on the left. How did he get in?

angel thighs said...

Perhaps he was with the catering company.

Chris Paul said...

Hi Loook

Would it be possible for you to plug my topical caption competition?

Chris P

Luke Akehurst said...

Oh dear, Christopher. An inexcusable violation of netiquette. I believe Rule 184b states "Make your posts interesting and people will link to them. Never ask."