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Thursday, August 30, 2007

We Got Three Things Right (And Some Bits)

Ah, come on. Look on the bright side. It's a cup one half sixth full. We managed to achieve three of the eighteen targets set by the US Government as indicators of success in Iraq.

"Next one please, plenty of room on board"
A rooftop military victory exercise
And we almost achieved two more. I can just see all the harpies descending to attack the coalition on this. We're doing our best. As far as Britain is concerned, we've managed to achieve a total ceasefire by Al-Sadr so that we can achieve a peaceful handover of Basra when we leave.

OK, a handover to his Iranian- backed militia forces, but at least that's a negotiated settlement and not a military defeat.

Anyone expecting to see pictures of US marines being airlifted from rooftops can jolly well think again.

1 comment:

Elise Cordwainer said...

Have you seen this story about General Sir Mike Jackson's attack on Donald Rumsfeld? Amazing!