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Monday, September 10, 2007

Cheer Up Everyone!

I regularly fill in a survey for YouGov which asks you how optimistic you feel about a range of things from your own life through to the state of the world. Everything gets an optimism tick from me, especially the "state of the world" box where I have been predicting great things for as long as I can remember. With Labour in power, everything in the world is getting better and better. So, as an eternal optimist, I was not surprised at all to receive the following entry for my new banner design competition. According to the anonymous designer, this "represents everything Luke Akehurst stands for". It looks pretty good to me.
Luke Akehurst - Labour's Own Angela Hayes


Enoch said...

I saw your best mate The Boff on TV last night. He looked the Biz and he has an authentic London accent to boot. He's got my vote for the Conservative Mayoral candidate. Hackney Labour Party's behaviour in targeting him in the Queensbridge ward in last years election was below the belt. What harm is one tory councillor going to do? Long live the Boffmeister

Luke Akehurst said...

Targeting? Targeting? What do you mean, targeting? We didn't target the little slimeball, we rigged his vote. That taught him a simple lesson - being in power is more important than being popular.

Not true of course. We wouldn't really do anything like that. It was just a stupid accusation by the tree-huggers, cyclists and swimmers, here, and here.

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