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Friday, September 14, 2007

Labour Split On C-Word

There's some great stuff in Oona King's candid memoirs, due to be published next Monday. But one piece of narrative has already caused uproar in the Party, with some members (including a number of feminists in the Germaine Greer "liberate the word" camp) supporting her use of the C-Word, while other members are shocked by her use of such a term to describe her former election adversary, Gorgeous George, despite his abusive campaign against her.

"For someone who has been on the receiving end of some nasty personal abuse and has a reputation for impulsiveness, King is remarkably restrained about her fellow politicians in the book", reports The Grauniad. "Clare Short is dismissed for not understanding team play. Geoff Hoon is called an 'arrogant sod'. Much of what King would like to say about George Galloway has been cut by lawyers. In his diaries, Alastair Campbell describes Galloway in just one word, I tell King. 'Cunt, presumably?' she asks. (It's actually 'repulsive'.)"

Wow! Now that's the sort of thing that will encourage people to rush out and buy the book. Sounds a whole cut above the boredom of David Blunkett's and Alastair Campbell's diaries. That's "cut".
"Wait 'til they discover I'm wearing wrinkly stockings"

Media star Oona King auditions for the part of "Compo" in the new series of "Last Of The Summer Wine"

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