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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Better Than Sex

Watch out for a lot more of this, coming soon arriving shortly, at a platform near you:

Brought to you by the people who remove "1st Class" signs from train carriage windows... lots of House Music from the Big Feartie from Fife and the East End's answer to Sammy Davis Jr. It rocks. It rolls. Some say it sucks. But pay no attention to the Tory and LibDem whingers and moaners. One of Labour's best ever whingers and moaners is on her way back. And boy, can she moan. "Listening to Gordon Brown is better than having sex" was her catch-phrase. If I close my eyes, I can hear the moaning sounds now. So can Jack Straw. "Who inspires you, baby?"

Cool Britannia is on its way back. Watch this space for news. Hoorah!

1 comment:

Adolph Careinthecommunity said...

I could fancy some time in a dark room with that sexy voice, alright. But I'm still not sure I fancy Oona.